Every one of our projects is unique and each is infused with design qualities to make it remarkable.


Our Architecture seeks an elegant fusion of art and science, inspiration and utility. Exceptional design is forged through creativity, passion for innovation, rigour and a refusal to accept constraints without question. We will challenge accepted notions – including, at times, the brief – to craft a superb design outcome.


In our work we strive to create buildings with universal appeal; the qualities of place are articulated and promoted through careful planning in response to the site. Limitations and restrictions are used to fuel design opportunities; they are expressed and celebrated. We maintain a strong desire to utilise passive design principles to generate environmentally responsible buildings, and firmly believe sustainability can coexist with commercial success. All of these philosophies are incorporated into our award winning Architecture.


The commercial reality of operating within the property market and construction industry has inspired the evolution of Orbit Architecture into an efficient and effective Practice which consistently creates and delivers the best Architectural outcomes for our clients. Our skills have been honed by decades of conceiving and nurturing successful projects. Focused on delivery of outstanding results, we will ensure your expectations are met and exceeded.


Architectural Projects.

Complete Architectural services – feasibility to construction – delivered with skill, ingenuity and expertise.


Our body of work is diverse, we are capable and competent in many fields of architecture and strive to maintain a variety of project types through the practice.  Mixed Use and Residential projects are a specialty, primarily apartment projects and medium density townhouse developments.  The development principles of these are transferrable: maximise economy, yield, saleability and constructability without compromising quality, utility and amenity.  Many of the construction techniques and services issues are similar, and we have assembled and developed the Orbit team to create a valuable service offer to our clients.


While our preference is engagement from inception, Orbit have successfully inherited projects in varying states of difficulty and maneuvered them into efficient developments with design merit.  This transition occurs when proposals are to be assessed by Planning Tribunals, upon refusal of Planning permission, or with financially flawed projects reaching documentation stage.  We can help if you have a project beset with these issues.


We believe delivery of full Architectural services on projects is the only method of ensuring the project brief and design survives the rigour of procurement.  Development applications, design development, documentation, building approvals, value management and construction all have the potential to derail the vision and purpose of the building.  Orbit Architecture adopts the role of client advocate and guardian of design intent on all of our projects.


The Orbit team genuinely strives for the best results, we consider our built work a legacy and take pride in our craft – our interest and responsibility extends beyond any definition of scope.